Shortlisting and Final selection.
Yogi Associates undertakes to screen the candidates giving due weightage to the candidates analytical ability,initiative,result orientation besides conducting the following checks before sending the client,CVs of the candidates:

1] Testing Communication skills.

2] Experience related to the job vacancy.

3] Availability / interest for the said job vacancy and job location.

4] Detail's of current and expected salary.

5] Checking whether the candidate can relocate within the stipulated time frame.

6] To check whether the candidates possess authentin academic and work experience certificates and reference check from previous employers.

After the above criteria meet with the job specifications as per the clients requirements,only the short-listed CVs are forwarded to the clinet for their approval.
Once the final shortlisting of candidates for interviews tobe conducted is obtained , Yogi Associates ensures coordination of the interview date,time and venue with the client and the candidate,Interviews are held as per the clients' preferences.

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